Kung Fu Zombie : The Best Thing of All Time

If you read the title, and registered what the words meant, and you're not drooling all over your keyboard...you're on the wrong website, because this is probably the single best thing ever created, opposable thumbs, penicillin, and Guinness be damned. 
Alright, well, I am exaggerating, but only a little. A thoroughly awesome, and rather unhinged, kung fu/comedy film from the 80's, Kung Fu Zombie is essentially what would happen if you gave an tripped-out asian MTV film crew a bunch of speed. This is probably the fastest movie ever made. I swear to god, somebody can not even open their mouth without us seeing their lips open in a closeup, and then a pullback and a useless zoom to, literally, stolen music from the James Bond Theme, and then a shot from a different angle for each word- nay, each syllable.
Alright, so maybe it's not THAT nuts, but this movie clips along at an insane pace. It flies forward like a meth head jonesing for his next fix, and doesn't ever stop, even if wants to. Like a Toyota.
Kung Fu Zombie stars Billy Chong, who's quite charismatic and talented in all the films I've seen him in, but for some reason never really made it. He's the requisite goof-off son of a relatively rich and powerful man, who crosses the wrong black magic wizard and finds himself fighting off waves of 'zombies' while also trying to outwit and outfight some sort of vampire thing that wants his fathers head. It gets a little more complicated then that, but honestly, we're not watching this for the plot.
In an effort to showcase just how insane this movie is, I've found this clip on you tube, from the beginning of the movie.

How can you say no? The perfect movie for one of those nights when you just want to watch some silly and insane- and I guarantee you, few things are weirder then this, and still really enjoyable.

Wu Long Tian Shi Zhao Ji Gui (Kung Fu Zombie)

Directed By Yi-Jung Hua
Written By Yi-Jung Hua
Starring Billy Chong, Tao Chiang, Yeong-mun Kwon, Pak Sha Lik

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