The Best Online Zombie Games

This list is about the best free-to-play online zombie games. If you want console or pc zombie games, check out my list of those.

Got an itch to play a zombie game, but don't have one, or access to one, that's quite to your liking?
Well, a lot of other people must have that problem too, because there are a whole bunch of free online zombie games, and games with zombies in them, and games where you kill zombies, and games where you are a zombie.
There are so many out their, and more being made all the time, by people of varying skill levels and talent. This list shouldn't be considered definitive.
However, these are the games I have played and found to be worth your time, if you've got a little bit of time to kill and to spend it killing zombies.

  • Infectonator! World Dominator - A Puzzle/Strategy Game in which you infect a number of humans, hoping to set off a chain reaction and taking over the world. Quirky, bloody, and extremely addictive. 
  • SAS 2 Insane Asylum - Fans of Call of Duty 4's Nazi Zombie mode, or the similarly themed Killing Floor, will find a lot to love in this top down shooter featuring persistent upgrades, multiple enemy types, and unrelenting game play.
  • Endless Zombie Rampage 2 - This game delivers pretty much what you think it will, based upon a title. It's a vicious and unrelenting top down shooter, slightly similar to the above game. You play a survivor at a small outpost, and everyday you must venture out to gather supplies or rescue survivors- and everday the zombies get a little harder, a little more numerous. Good variety, of weapons, perks, and enemies, mean you could play this for quite some time.
  • Dead Frontier Outbreak 2 - A change of pace from the more action oriented online zombie games above, Dead Frontier is more or less a peice of interactive fiction- a choose your own adventure story, with zombies.  It's well written, well produced, and a fun and different way to kill some time.
  • Autumn War - A suprisingly deep and sophiscated flash RTS/Tactical game. You command a bunch of units dealing with a zombie outbreak from a strategic map, and then switch to up close for the action. It's fun, it's original, and it's slow in some parts but extremely engrossing when it picks up.
  • Boxhead More Rooms - An engaging top down shooter with puzzler elements. You try to survive wave after wave of blockheaded zombie and the few other variants- all while unlocking new weapons, traps, and objects to help you survive. A good combination of action and strategy make this one of the more beloved internet flash series.
  • Urban Dead - An online, text based, free to play zombie MMO all handled in the browser. I'm just starting to play this- and the amount of actions you take per day is limited, so I haven't explored it too much, but what I have done has been fun. It's definitely a break from the others on this list, and quite popular- the site claims to have over a million members.
  • Luncheon of the Dead - A RTS/survival hybrid, Luncheon of the Dead see's you in command of a band of survivors under constant onslaught in a mall. The constant struggle to balance scavenging for supplies and fighting off the undead horde gives this game a sophistication lacking in most online games.
  • Curse Village - A heavily produced and highly entertaining zombie shooter. You're tasked with defending from a string of zombie onslaughts. They rush at you from the left, you do you best, with a variety of weapons, traps, and other survivors at your side, to hold them back. Very professional looking, and very re-playable.
  • The Last Stand 2 - Curse Village, above, is largely seen as heavily inspired by this game, one of the more well known and loved zombie games on the net. Every day, you search for other survivors, weapons, and supplies to make it to the coast- and every night, the zombies rush at you. It's got good atmosphere, and as soon as you die (and you will) you want to fire it back up again.

  • Zombie Tower Defense 4 - Rounding out the list is that old internet flash game standby, tower defense. This may not be the best tower defense game out there, and it doesn't give off a very good first impression, but it rewards a little bit of time spent with it with a challenging and engaging game.
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