Zombieland 2 Announced

In news surprising absolutely no one, there is going to be a sequel to 2009's smash hit Zombieland. That film made bank, espiecally considering how relatively little it cost.
At the moment, the cast list and plot detials are still hush-hush, but I'll make a few guesses:

  • The full cast returns. 
  • The plot mostly centers on that main kid having relationship problems with the main girl, possibly ending with them splitting up again, or her taking up with some more confident, less Micheal-Cera-ish fellow...though by the end, she'll come back.
  • A new, older female character is introduced, who is crazier and more hardcore then Woody Harrelson. He falls hopelessly in love with her, and probably gets her at some point, but they have a really antagonistic relationship for most of the film. She'll probably kick him in the nuts.
  • There are more rules. It feels kind of forced this time. The slow motion bits just seem derivative, as well.
  • There is another totally random and needless cameo. The person they get to do it probably isn't as awesome as Bill Murray.
  • The film climaxes in a mall, or some other thinly veiled reference to a classic zombie film.
  • The film makes bazillions of dollars.
More details, when more details emerge. Funny how those two things seem to follow one another.

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