Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 - Interactive Zombie Fiction

A change of pace from most other other online zombie games, Dead Frontier : Outbreak 2 is an interactive story you take part in, kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure, but one where violent death is around very corner.
Without delving too much into the mechanics of the things, it's hard to say exactly how much your decisions influence how you make out, but you certainly get that feeling. 
It's a fun and engaging way to spend a bit of time you have to kill. The story is well written, the voice acting is decent but skip-able, and both the art and the music serve pretty well at creating a palpable atmosphere. The game cunningly waits a few seconds to tell you if you've died- so you'll spend a tense few seconds waiting between important decisions to see if you've made.
Many of these kinds of games fall prey to a sort of completely arbitrary process- no matter what you do, or how you think it will work out, doing some things simply result in you dieing. Dead Fronter: Outbreak 2 avoids that pretty well. Everything feels logical, and when you die you generally see it as your fault.
You can play it here.

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