Luncheon of the Dead - Zombie Mall Survival

Luncheon of the Dead, is part zombie survival, part RTS, which is pretty impressive for a free online flash game.
You control 9 survivors, trapped/barricade inside a mall, who are forced to defend from an endless onslaught of zombies.
Luncheon of the Dead introduces the pretty cool Scrouge mechanic- the survivors need ammunition, med kits, and trash to build debris walls- and these are gathered in each of the three stores. So, you'll need to have some people defending and some people gathering supplies- not having enough of either could be disastrous.
Luncheon of the Dead also also adds the to the depth by featuring a whole ton of upgrades- everything from the strength of the barriers, to the spread of Molotov cocktails, to the speed at which survivors gather resources.
Of course, buying those upgrades require resources themselves- so balancing everything whilst under constant attack is a big part of the tension and fun of this game.
You can play it here.

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