Nation Red...With Blood!

Nation Red is a top-down survival style zombie shooter from developer DiezelPower.
Whilst not terribly deep, it makes up for this in simply being pretty fun to play, and pretty fun to watch. Nation Red goes overboard in dumping buckets of blood at the players feet, and the physics and animations of the flailing, dismembered zombies make setting up that perfect kill fairly rewarding.
There are several modes, all variations on a similar theme- you're in a stage of some sort, zombies of slightly varying types charge you, and you kill them with a variety of weapons and powerups that drop. These range from the standard- pistols, shotguns, uzi's- to the extreme- flame throwers, rocket launchers, super heavy machine guns- and then to the bizarre- jackhammers, steam guns.
Some of the weapons are lacking in variety but it's such a frantic and fast paced game you won't tend to have enough time to really notice.
The progression of difficulty is very solid, and there is fun to be had in occasionally trying your hand at the survival mode or just screwing around for a while.
It's  not much more then a glorified flash game, but Nation Red stands out by being as fun and as violent as you always want these types of games to be, but they never are.

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