10 Awesome Zombie Movie Posters

I'm a sucker for a cool poster, and while zombie movies traditionally aren't all that well known on this particular front, every now and then one comes out that makes me drool over it like a brain hungry monster in a preschool at nap-time.

10. La Horde (The Horde)

The Horde isn't out yet, but it's hotly anticipated. The trailer looks awesome, and the french have really stepped up their horror game. It's too soon to know for sure, but La Horde looks good.\

(Note from 2014: This movie did come out, and it was awesome.)

9. Deadgirl

I admire it's balls- this is perhaps the single most unsubtle poster I have ever seen.
Anyone with half a brain knows exactly what this movie is going to be about.

Deadgirlis a delightedly deranged, very different zombie movie: which, like all great zombie movies, uses the zombies as a metaphor for something more real and relate-able.

8. Dawn of the Dead

Though a bit awkward looking from a design perspective, there's something about this poster that's just powerful, chilling, and cool. I like the zombie head so much I used it early designs of this website (if it's not still up there now.)

7. Bloodeaters

Bloodeaters, also known as Toxic Zombies, Blood Butchers, Forest of Fear, and probably a half dozen other titles. It's a pretty marginal movie- but this poster never fails to make me laugh. The tagline is so unbelievably silly, as is the art- I think this poster could serve as a pretty good visual definition for trying to understand what 'camp' is.

6. 28 Days Later

I remember when I first saw these going up- I was so excited for this movie to come out. It just drips menace.

5. Pontypool

At the moment, I still haven't seen Pontypool- it keeps slipping through my clutches- but I really want too, especially after seeing this poster.

4. Grace

It might be a stretch to call Grace a zombie movie, but I don't care.
I'm a sucker for dramatic, minimalist posters- in case you couldn't tell.

3. Shaun of the Dead

There are a handful of different posters that were used to Promote Shaun of the Dead, and all of them are very good. I think the style on this one is really cool, even if the other ones are probably truer to the spirit of the film.

2. A.D.

Very similar to the Pontypool poster a few entries above, everything about this poster just bleeds cool. It actually took me a few seconds to figure out what it was- for the longest time I thought it was a guy charging forward on a motorcycle , blowing up a cloud behind him that was turning into zombies.

1. Do Not Speak Ill Of The Dead

This is not only my favorite zombie movie poster- it's one of my favorite posters of all time. I don't exactly know what it is about it that I love so much- but I would kill to be able to make something like this.


  1. Nice list, as always. I'm not really all into gore, but I've been trying to see the movies you recommend and I've really been enjoying them. I really like this blog, and I'm gonna try to spread the word. Keep it up!

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