Dead Pixels: The Perfect Thoughtless Zombie Shooter

Dead Pixel's isn't the most amazing or innovative  game of all time, but it's damn fun and it does perfectly what it set outs to do; namely, let you shoot zombies with a variety of weapons in a cute-yet-gory range of levels.

The basic game has you trying to make it a few dozen blocks to a Safezone, dodging and dealing death to hordes of zombies in your way. There are a bunch of weapons, at first following the usual handgun/shotgun/rifle set-up but there are far more interesting weapons at the higher difficulties and in the bonus campaigns.

You raid unlocked houses for weapons, ammo, and scrap, and buy new equipment and upgrades from stores that generally occur once or twice per level.

I honestly didn't expect to play this very long, but I ended up playing through to the end on my first time, and then coming back again the next day. Ammo is scarce, especially in the start, and the different weapon types use different kinds, so knowing when to use your handgun and when to use your shotgun becomes a constant juggling act. There isn't a lot of enemy variety but just enough to keep you on your toes, always trying to decide which gun would work best vs which ones you actually have ammo for. Zombies drop the coins you need to get more supplies, but they disappear pretty fast, so you often need to rush in and dance through the masses to get your reward for your kills; or carefully line them up and pull out your high-penetration rifle for a multiple head-shot.

It's this finely-tuned gameplay that makes Dead Pixels actually one of the better indie/small team zombie games I've ever played. Sure, there's a lot that could have been added to the game, but what is there is actually quite fun and scratches that arcade-zombie-shooter itch nicely.

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