Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama is a charming little bowling game from Mumbo Jumbo.
Honestly, I'm not much for bowling games, so the whole thing felt kinda meh to me, but for those of you who like them, and liike zombies in them, I'd say this is pretty much perfect.
It's got local and multiplayer support, a story mode which features different areas and increasing difficulty, and some pretty sweet ragdoll effects on the the bowled over zombies.
Probably the best thing about Zombie Bowl-O-Rama are the powerups, which come in two types- ones you use to help yourself, and ones you use to mess up your opponent.
The power-ups are pretty creative and fun- there are ones that make the zombies dance thriller (pictured above), ones that split your opponents ball down the middle or reverse his controls, ones that encase the shuffling zombies in ice- any you don't knock out in a set begin advancing towards you.
All in all, Zombie Bowl-O-Rama is pretty worth playing the demo if you like bowling games, but if they're not really your cup of tea, well, this game isn't going to convince you.

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