Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver is a refreshingly different take on the standard zombie genre, shifting the standard run-and-gun game play to a car, introducing physics, and widening the map to a whole city.

Throughout the Campaign mode, the player is tasked with completing certain objectives around the city- usually, rescuing people and bringing them back to the military base.

Power-ups scattered around the level heal you, give you bonuses, and refuel whatever weapon you might have equipped- there are several, but each vehicle can only mount one at a time.

Between missions you can upgrade your cars with various upgrades- speed, armor, ram-ability, as well as upgrading the strength, spread, and ammo count of your various weapons.

Luckily, for a game entitled Zombie Driver, they got the feeling of driving right. Zooming around the city, hand braking around corners and wiping out stacks of zombies is a lot of fun.

You can't just plow into a horde of zombies either- the resistance of their bodies will eventually slow you down, allowing them to crowd around you and rip your car to pieces.
Special zombies add a bit more variety to the proceedings- hulking tank zombies can knock your car clean apart, trash zombies hurl debris as your car as you pass by. 

Zombie Driver is a solid, fun game, and a good change of pace from usual fare. It's not brilliant, but I'd say it's easily worth it's low price tag.

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